Personal research among health providers, community leaders and ordinary people of the immediate area of Webuye (population 400,000 – surrounding area 4,000,000) indicated that the greatest health need of the community is for eye care. Life for the sight impaired is difficult, to say the least. A disability that prevents people functioning properly in daily life. The proposal is to build a centre ( initially 25×18 metres) to provide services relating to eye health including Optical (glasses) and Ophthalmology (cataracts etc.). This will require consultation rooms, an operating theatre, preparation and recovery facilities etc, including the (expensive) equipment involved.

The project is being overseen by Dr Job Waluhku, a GP and trainee Anesthetist, and Kathy Tait, a New Zealand Registered Nurse experienced in running both eye theatres and eye clinics. See their photo on site.)

Local and international doctors, opticians and ophthalmologists will provide the services.

Once established the facility would be self sustaining through undertaking profitable health insurance work eg. cataracts, and part charges to the level people can afford.

Additionally, the land is on a 6 acre compound owned by a registered Kenyan Trust, Nehemia Ministries Kenya, and being offered free of charge to facilitate this project. The compound contains other income generating operations, including horticulture and greenhouses, fish farming, poultry and shortly, a guesthouse and conference centre .The income generated will be used to to subsidize the hospital.

Specifically, the funds will be used for:

1. Construction of a quality stone building, dimensions of 25x18m (450 sq. m. ie. 4500 sq. ft.) $60,000.

2. Interior fit out. $20,000.

3. Installation of Operating Theatre. $20,000

4. Purchase of necessary medical equipment for diagnosis and treatment. $30,000

5. Upgrade of compound to produce ongoing income more effectively. $30,000


A case of ‘people helping people help themselves’

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