The concept of the kingdom of God now being built on the earth is based on the application of the so called golden rule to love God with all our being and love others as ourselves. This involves both the spiritual and practical aspects of life.

While in Webuye in December 2016 we asked medical people, community leaders, and ordinary people what their greatest medical need was. Without exception the answer was eyes. It just so happens that my wife Kathy’s primary nursing experience is as eye nurse, both as a theatre nurse and in running eye clinics.
Upon arrival in Webuye to live, in July 2017, the vision expanded to include an Outpatients Clinic in order to meet further community needs, and to utilize the facilities more effectively.

The Kingdom Healthcare Foundation’s vision is to provide quality, sustainable health care to those whom it is unavailable, due to circumstances beyond their control.

An Eye/ Outpatients Clinic here in Malaha Village, outside Webuye in Western Kenya, is the initial out working of this, providing medical services to an immediate community of 200,000+ people and eye treatment to 4,000,000 in the wider area.

Longer term, as funding becomes available, full hospital services will be offered.

Affordable charges will be made, in order for the facilities to be both self-sustaining and able to expand from within, in the future.