– KENYA Project ID KE-17-055

A new EYE AND GENERAL HOSPITAL serving the needy people of Malaha Village, raising funds to ship $400,000 of equipment from the good people at Project C.U.R.E. to Kenya. $1 given = $17 equipment!


A project initiated by David and Kathy Tait of New Zealand, who have migrated to Kenya in order to oversee the construction and operation of the hospital, to ensure that donors money is not wasted but wisely invested. The facility will bring medical facilities of a very good standard to the 200,000 people just surviving on subsistence agriculture, of the immediate area, and 4 million in Bumgoma County, here in Western Kenya.

An outpatients EYE AND GENERAL CLINIC will be opening in the quality building pictured, in mid-January – Africa time! Staffed by medical professionals, including Kathy, a very experienced eye nurse, under the Medical Director, Dr Job Kisiang’ani, a qualified Anaesthetist, the clinic will operate at a high standard of medical care, plus caring, through our Christian heritage, for the patients.

The Clinic has been financed entirely by donations. However, the medium term aim is to expand into a full hospital. Provision has already been made for 2 operating theatres within the current building. A ward block will be the next to be built.

This fundraising project is to pay for the expenses involved in the good people of PROJECT C.U.R.E. evaluating, packing and sending a container of medical equipment to enable the change from a clinic to a hospital.

Each $1 given provides nearly $17 of valuable equipment for the facility!

Your interest and support is much appreciated.