Our First Building

Our first building commenced in mid-October 2017 as a multi-purpose building, designed to house both the Eye and Outpatients Clinics, on land purchased and paid for a few weeks earlier.

These clinics will use just over half the building with the remainder ready for a full Operating Theatre/s as funds permit.

Initially we will have a Reception Area, Doctors Rooms, Pharmacy, Laboratory, and a temporary, simple Operating Theatre. All partitions will be moveable, so that we can alter the layout as we better understand our needs, after opening for patients in early January 2018.

Construction is well underway, as the photos illustrate.

Funds have been raised to complete the building, but are still required to equip it.

One of the larger challenges when starting a project of this type is the necessary infrastructure required. Electricity, water, sewage, etc., are all one off expenses that have to be met at the beginning of the project, but will not need to be replicated for future buildings.

All three are presenting challenges not foreseen when the project when the project was planned.

Electricity and water were agreed to come from the adjacent Bible School we manage for the Dutch donors who built it. Unfortunately, reality is, the electricity supply is intermittent, both is supply and then in voltage when it is working. This will necessitate us having a transformer installed near the hospital, to secure supply.

A shortage of water in the dry season when the water table lowers is a result of a shallow bore in the Bible School. While we will manage in the short term, another deeper bore will be required.

Sewage, involving a large septic tank is an incredibly expensive exercise. 20% of the cost of the building! This is obviously an expense we cannot afford currently, when there are much higher priorities. No pun intended! An interim, low cost solution has now been found.

We are very conscious of achieving maximum value for money with our donors’ money, so we treat it with extreme care. In these situations, it is easy to spend extravagantly, but I can assure you that is not the case here. Ask the contractor and suppliers. We drive hard bargains! ‘African price, not European price’ is our motto!

This is a photo of our Minor Theatre within our Clinic.

A temporary Ward has also been added in the area that is designated for Operating Theatres in the future.