Our Plans

The need for Inpatient Services in this area is great. Current facilities elsewhere cannot cope with the need, so people die prematurely, due to lack of adequate services.

Kenya too, has a two tiered economy. The ‘haves’, nationally 15%, in our country area more like 5%, have a State run medical health scheme, whereby contributors pay KES500 per month per family for medical cover. This scheme pays for operations at registered hospitals. These are profitable to do and can provide funds for helping the large majority who cannot afford to pay.

To enable this, suitable Operating Theatres and after care facilities, such as wards, need to be built, in order for this potential income stream to become viable.

This is Stage 2 of the project.

As all know, medical equipment is expensive. We are currently exploring ways for this to be provided at a reduced cost.

We have space for wards to be built on our current land and are looking to land bank more land for later expansion.

As a group of people, we have a precious blend of compassion, medical and business skills involved, to ensure that your, the donor’s contributions, are invested for the maximum returns in terms of the health of the desperately needy people of the area.
Thank you so much for your support.