The community operates with contributions from many people. However the principal people responsible for day to day operations are…….


DAVID has a commerce degree and has been a businessman in New Zealand for much of his life, specialising in setting up new and slightly different ventures, in several fields, enjoying the challenge of developing pioneering businesses. There have been both successes and failures, from flower wholesaling to Mail Order, to restaurants and property development, amongst others.

More recently, since finding a personal relationship with Jesus 25 years ago, has been KAYDEES GARDENS, New Zealand’s largest garden mail order company, through which the discipleship course, Walking With Jesus, was distributed to round 10,000 people.

More recently, David and Kathy set up with no capital, SEEKERS MEGAMART, which became, over 8 years, a chain of 11 large charity shops, generating funds for African self-improvement projects. This was run voluntarily by David and Kathy, relying upon Kathy’s wage to live on.

Twenty-three years ago, at the express request of the Lord, David set up Walking With

Jesus Ministries, a kingdom discipleship ministry which reaches many thousands of people around the world through the weekly ezines ‘Praise God it’s Monday’ and Tuesday Teachings. David too, has ministered personally in many countries round the world, but particularly in Africa.

David’s business and charity experience has given him a unique skill set to oversee this visionary project.
KATHY is a NZ Registered Nurse, with many years’ experience as a Theatre Nurse, most recently working for an Eye Surgeon, organising and operating an eye theatre, plus running eye clinics as well.
Over the years, as well as bringing up a family of 4 boys, she has assisted in the supervision of workers in the family enterprises.

A dedicated, lifelong follower of Jesus, she brings a compassionate personality as well as special skills in the Eye Clinic/Hospital and hospitality areas of the vision.



DAVID (53) is a qualified engineer but gave this up to enter the ministry. He has birthed 24 churches, to date. In 2016 he was appointed bishop (overseer) over 200 churches in Webuye town for a term of 5 years. He also is on the executive of the Webuye County Pastors Fellowship, with a membership of 4000 pastors.

SELINA is both a teacher and the entrepreneur of the family, running several small businesses to bring in the family income. Additionally, along with running the family, including a number of orphans, Selina oversees 400 pastors wives in the regional network.

As a couple, David and Selina are highly regarded, both in the community and by the Government.

Kathy and I are so privileged to be able to work in conjunction with David and Selina, to expand God’s kingdom through ministry and service, while developing many others to continue the work with which we have been entrusted and blessed.

Great things are to come, under the Lord’s leading and in His timing.



Our MEDICAL DIRECTOR, Dr Job Kisiang’ani C O Anaesthetist, qualified in 2012 and has worked as a general practitioner at REALE Hospital in Eldoret from late 2013. He then specialized in anaesthesia in which he qualified in 2017.  Job currently works at Reale Hospital as the resident CO Anaesthetist, where he is currently in charge of 3 theatres and an ICU unit accommodating more than 10 beds.

Dr Job has always had a desire to open a hospital to serve the people of the Malaha Area, and has many connections within the medical community. He has a big vision, and capability, for the future development of the facility.


Currently under formation, this Kenyan NGO will administer the assets for the benefit of the people for whom the services are provided for.

The Trustees will be :
Dr Job Kisiang’ani (Anaesthetist)
David Walhuku (Bishop and Engineer)
Elly Machimbo (Lawyer)
David John Tait (Entrepreneur and Servant of God)
Kathleen Mary Tait (Registered Nurse)

An ADVISORY BOARD will also be appointed consisting of Medical Professionals and Consumer Representatives.


A Charitable Trust, formed in 1994, to proclaim the Gospel of the Kingdom of God worldwide. New Zealand Charity Registration No. CC26677.

The Trustees are…….

Anthony Murray Richardson (Accountant & Professional Trustee)
David John Tait (Businessman & Servant of God)
Kathleen Mary Tait (Registered Nurse)
Richard Graeme Ware (Plant Propagator)
Janice Burns (Self Employed)

New Zealand donations are not tax deductible at this time.

All the Trustees relate to many others who are available for, and free with advice. As the project grows, more Trustees with relevant skills will be added.


We are pleased to welcome our most recent addition Dr Tony, to the team. Tony’s medical and entrepreneurial skills are a most valuable addition.

After 8 years in solo general practice, Dr Tony Edwards became a founding director and shareholder of The Doctors Group, which originated in Napier in 1989. Originally set up to provide weekend medical services, The Doctors introduced many revolutionary business concepts into the medical world including 40 hour weeks for doctors within the practice, transferring regulatory paperwork to specialized staff, adding new services to practices, and many more. The Doctors have now grown into New Zealand’s largest doctors’ network, with 49 outlets and 500 doctors. The Doctors Group became part of Radius Medical in 2005, which was in turn acquired by Green Cross Health (then Pharmacybrands) in 2011. The Doctors is the primary brand of medical centres for Green Cross Health Medical.

Tony has been a board member of Medical Centres within the group since 1989. He is currently chairman of Te Matau a Maui Health Trust which is the owner of Health Hawke’s Bay Limited. He continues in his part time integrative Medical Practice at The Doctors Napier, where he is also the Managing Director. Dr Tony Edwards was a University of Queensland graduate in 1979.