Kathy Tait

7 Bull Street
Napier 4110

Reference and Record of Employment for Kathy Tait.

Kathy has been working at Napier Eye Ltd since June 2007 as an Ophthalmic Clinic Nurse.

Kathy came to us as an experienced senior nurse and was still working concurrently at the Hawkes Bay Memorial Hospital as a theatre nurse across many disciplines, including ophthalmology. She took to clinical ophthalmic nursing seamlessly undertaking additional Nurse led Glaucoma training whilst in our employment.

Kathy’s input as a clinical nurse was invaluable to the day to day running of our busy practice and she also undertook additional training to cover all the administrative aspects of the practice to help cover illness and holidays. An essential function for a small, dynamic and growing business.

Her experience was then called upon again when in 2014 the planning started for the Bay Elective Surgical Theatre and expansion of Napier Eye – her decades of theatre experience were crucial in helping plan a successful elective day stay theatre and she has been working for the past three years as a core member of our Ophthalmic theatre team and also heading up the sterilisation unit as well.

Kathy most recently assisted us in getting our facility accreditation with an external auditing body.

Kathy’s level of competency and experience is something that is extremely rare today. She has an unparalleled “roll your sleeves up” attitude. Kathy has a willingness to take on any challenge whilst also having the knowledge and experience to do so with the highest level and skill and execution.

We will miss Kathy greatly, but understand she has a higher calling for this next step in career and life. She will be an invaluable partner to have in any project, and has the skills, experience, and training to support her unerring faith. We wish her and David all the very best.

Please feel free to contact me if wish to discuss this very special nurse further.


Maree Buscke
Managing Director
Napier Eye Ltd & Bay Elective Surgical Theatre.



Wow! Sounds wonderful. You will both be a great blessing to many. Lesley

God’s timing, God’s favor and God’s positioning. You two will be great servants over there and the glory of the Lord will be upon you both in the ministry! God Bless you both in your exciting plans and move. Karen

Awesome David. What an amazing adventure with God. Kevin

Wonderful David where our Daddy God is taking you both. You will both be so amazing. Mihi

Praise God. What a story!! We’ll be praying. Very interesting to hear how the KINGDOM is being preached again in our hearing. Keep us informed. Love always, Bob Prue

Good on ya mate. Peter

This is love for Kenya and Africa God bless you David and Kathy. Dibya

Halleluyaaa, this has been our prayer, as family friends we welcome you so much to Kenya, my wife and your wife shares a lot in terms of profession, and this with help give back to the community .welcome so much men of God. Sam

Wow! We pray Fathers grace, favor, peace, wisdom & provision abound in this new venture David & Cathy! We pray for the refreshing rain of our Father to fall gently over Kenya as you both labour for His kingdom! Fondest luv always, Colin & Val xxx

I’m definitely going to visit you both whoooo hooooooo. Amanda
Having lived for some years in Nigeria I do not hold the preconceived ideas of many regarding Africa and its people although obviously each African country is different and I think Kenya would be very different from Nigeria. I wonder what the response was from Abraham’s friends and neighbours when, at the age of 75 he followed God’s instructions to leave Ur and travel to an unknown land. Look at the result of his obedience and don’t worry about negative comments and criticisms. Bless you both as you prepare for this next chapter in your life, Sheila
Well my precious friends, it’s all on then! God has surely made the way in His perfect timing. As you continue to be led by the Holy Spirit great and momentous things will happen! Roger and I wish you a wonderful fulfilling time. But we’ll miss you heaps. Beryl



Obviously they are a very special couple of Christian servants and leaders in God’s redemptive work in their county and community. Praise the Lord for your new partnership with them. God is going to greatly bless your ministries in association with all of these pastors and congregations. Bob

Praise the Lord. Edgar

My papa and mama, so humbled people.

Cute Bishop David and mum Sellinah. Lillian